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"The home was the quintessential burgeois world, for in it, and only in it, could the problems and contradictions of his society be forgotten or artificially eliminated. Here and here alone the burgeois and even more the petty burgeois family could mantain the illusion of a harminous, hierarchic happiness, surrounded by the material artefacts which demonstrated it and made it possible, the dream-life which found its culminating expression in the domestic ritual systematically developed of this purpose, the celebration of Christmas. The Christmas dinner (celebrated by Dickens), the Christmas tree (invented in Germany, but rapidly acclimatized through royal patronage in England), the Christmas song - best known through the Germanic Stille Nacht - symbolized at one and the same time the cold of the outside world, the warmth of the family circle within, and the contrast between the two."

"Age of Capital 1848-1875" - Eric Hobsbawm

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